Our Story

Two Guys on a Plane is a travel & lifestyle website and social media brand. Creators Rich and Andrew are flight attendants and they love sharing their passion for travel, humor, and the flight attendant life!

In 2014, Andrew boarded a flight home to Nashville as a passenger and Rich happened to be working that flight. The two connected almost immediately and after a year of meeting in cities around the country, they decided to move in together. In 2017, Rich and Andrew got married at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte and shortly after, a blog was born!

Throughout the blog as well as Two Guys on a Plane’s various social media platforms, you will find lots of information about the airline industry, travel tips, the flight attendant lifestyle, airline humor, memes, deals and discounts, and more. If you don’t see something you want to learn more about or have a question… contact us!

The ‘Two Guys On A Plane’ blog is written solely by Rich and Andrew, creators of ‘Two Guys On A Plane,’ and the views expressed on twoguysonaplane.com and across all social media platforms represent the views of these creators and in no way reflects the views their employers or any airline. All social media content created by ‘Two Guys On A Plane’ will be marked as such. If the social media content shared has not been created by Two Guys On A Plane, we will do our best to give credit as long as that knowledge is available to us. If you see something that you have created and you have not been credited, kindly notify us and we will edit or remove said content promptly. If you’d like to suggest contributions to the blog or social media in any way you may do so with the understanding that ‘Two Guys On A Plane’ may use the content for any intended purposes across all platforms. The moderators of ‘Two Guys On A Plane’ reserve the right to modify or delete any offensive content or comments as they see fit. If you have questions, content ideas, or would like to submit a request, please e-mail [email protected].

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