The 14 Worst Pick-Up Lines That Have Been Said to Flight Attendants
We asked flight attendants what the worst pickup lines they've ever heard on the plane and what they came up with did not disappoint.
27 Rudest Things Passengers Have Said (or Done) to Flight Attendants
We asked flight attendants what some of the rudest things passengers have ever said or done to them, and what they came up with will shock you.
Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Traveler!
Having trouble figuring out what to get the travel-obsessed person in your life this Christmas? Here is a holiday gift guide to shop for your favorite traveler!
T.J. Newman’s ‘Falling’: A flight attendant’s perspective [REVIEW]
Flight attendant-turned-author T.J. Newman debuts a riveting thriller that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. 'Falling' is available now!
Aviators Anonymous: To drink or not to drink?
We've normalized drinking in aviation to the point where it seems strange when someone doesn't drink. It's time to change the conversation.
15 Movies and Shows to Watch if You Love Aviation
If you live for the joys (and woes) of air travel like we do, check out these TV shows and movies about flying!

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