Rudest Things Passengers Have Said (or Done) to Flight Attendants

We’ve all seen the news lately. Passengers have been caught doing some pretty rowdy things: punching flight attendants in the face, opening emergency exits, and even storming the cockpit. But you’re probably thinking, “ok, but how often does that sort of stuff *REALLY* happen?”. The answer is, they happen a LOT. We’ve asked our followers to share some of the rudest things that passengers have said and done to them and some of their answers may even surprise you!

5, 12, and 17 happen all the time!

1. The Vending Machine

2. Keep Your Bodily Fluids to Yourself

3. Pony Up

4. JetBlue has AMAZING FA’s… Including This One!

B6 = JetBlue, for you non #avgeeks 😉

5. F@#$ing Sandwiches!

6. Long-Distance Calls

7. No More Bag Fees!

8. Your Racism is Showing

9. Traveling Tramps

10. Homophobia, How Original

11. Lav Door Says “Push”

To be clear, flight attendants hold a wide variety of degrees and qualifications, some even have doctorate degrees, so take your judgment elsewhere because flight attendants are some of the smartest and most innovative people out there.

12. Flight Attendants Aren’t Mechanics (Most Days)

13. Don’t Touch Me… Or My Food!

14. I’m Not a Trash Can

15. Grown Men are Babies

16. Bladder Control

17. That’s Not How It Works

18. …

19. And I hope your… Nevermind

20. Sexy Grandma

21. You Snap? I Snap!

22. Recycled Materials

23. Service Is Cancelled

24. I *Am* the Manager!

25. Old Fashioned = Sexist

26. No Petting

27. My Job > Your Job

These are just some of the many stories we shared from our Instagram followers. The truth is, we are poked, prodded, and insulted more times than we can count. Bottom line? Be nice to your flight attendants! We’ve been through a LOT – but at the end of the day, we still love our jobs – and we’d still risk our lives to save you if there were a crash!

Have any of these scenarios happened to you? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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