The 14 Worst Pick-Up Lines That Have Been Said to Flight Attendants

The 14 Worst Pick-Up Lines That Have Been Said to Flight Attendants

For some reason, movies and TV shows love to glamorize the idea of joining the mile-high club. Ask any sane flight attendant, though, and you’ll quickly learn that the thought of fooling around with someone in an airplane bathroom is nauseating. We’ve seen far too many disgusting things happen in those tiny bathrooms. With that being said, there are still folks out there who keep trying anyway! Whether it’s a passenger, a pilot, or a fellow flight attendant – people on airplanes can get a little weird. We asked flight attendants what the worst pickup lines are that they’ve ever heard while on the airplane and what they came up with did not disappoint!

Let us know your favorite one in the comments!











Black and white hypnotic spiral




Have you ever had someone use a cheesy pickup line on you? Tell us in the comments below!

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27 Rudest Things Passengers Have Said (or Done) to Flight Attendants

27 Rudest Things Passengers Have Said (or Done) to Flight Attendants

Rudest Things Passengers Have Said (or Done) to Flight Attendants

We’ve all seen the news lately. Passengers have been caught doing some pretty rowdy things: punching flight attendants in the face, opening emergency exits, and even storming the cockpit. But you’re probably thinking, “ok, but how often does that sort of stuff *REALLY* happen?”. The answer is, they happen a LOT. We’ve asked our followers to share some of the rudest things that passengers have said and done to them and some of their answers may even surprise you!

5, 12, and 17 happen all the time!

1. The Vending Machine

2. Keep Your Bodily Fluids to Yourself

3. Pony Up

4. JetBlue has AMAZING FA’s… Including This One!

B6 = JetBlue, for you non #avgeeks 😉

5. F@#$ing Sandwiches!

6. Long-Distance Calls

7. No More Bag Fees!

8. Your Racism is Showing

9. Traveling Tramps

10. Homophobia, How Original

11. Lav Door Says “Push”

To be clear, flight attendants hold a wide variety of degrees and qualifications, some even have doctorate degrees, so take your judgment elsewhere because flight attendants are some of the smartest and most innovative people out there.

12. Flight Attendants Aren’t Mechanics (Most Days)

13. Don’t Touch Me… Or My Food!

14. I’m Not a Trash Can

15. Grown Men are Babies

16. Bladder Control

17. That’s Not How It Works

18. …

19. And I hope your… Nevermind

20. Sexy Grandma

21. You Snap? I Snap!

22. Recycled Materials

23. Service Is Cancelled

24. I *Am* the Manager!

25. Old Fashioned = Sexist

26. No Petting

27. My Job > Your Job

These are just some of the many stories we shared from our Instagram followers. The truth is, we are poked, prodded, and insulted more times than we can count. Bottom line? Be nice to your flight attendants! We’ve been through a LOT – but at the end of the day, we still love our jobs – and we’d still risk our lives to save you if there were a crash!

Have any of these scenarios happened to you? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Traveler!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Traveler!

Everything You Need To Travel: A Flight Attendant’s Guide to Gift Giving!

Whether you’re shopping for someone who works in the airline industry or simply someone in your life who loves to travel, look no further! We are flight attendants so we travel for business and pleasure and we’ve got all of your travel needs covered in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! We may not have been able to travel much this year, but we are looking ahead to a year full of travel. Here’s everything you’ll want to get for a loved one – or for yourself!

Did we leave anything off the list? Tell us what’s on your wish list in the comments!

1. Hot Logic Mini

Never go without a hot meal again! This is great for in your car, in the airport, or in your hotel room!

2. YETI 10 oz. Tumbler

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or sipping a cocktail by the hotel pool, skip the disposable cups!

3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Keep the music going whether you’re in the shower or hanging by the pool!

4. Women’s Packable Lightweight Jacket

Save space in your suitcase with this packable lightweight jacket in a pouch!

5. Men’s Packable Lightweight Jacket

Save space in your suitcase with this packable lightweight jacket in a pouch!

6. Fire TV Stick

Now you can binge-watch all of your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon in your hotel room!

7. Packing Cubes

Keep yourself organized and save some space with packing cubes!

8. ‘Airplane Mode’ Book by Jetlagged Comic

Check out this hilarious book of aviation-themed comics by Jetlagged Comic!

9. All-In-One International Adapter

Small, lightweight, and all-in-one travel adapter so you don’t have to worry about bringing all the right cords!

10. ‘The Flight Attendant’ by Chris Bohjalian

This makes for a great airplane read for obvious reasons, but it’s also a new show on HBO Max!

11. Kindle e-Reader

You don’t have to choose which book to pack when all of your favorites are in one lightweight device!

12. Custom Engraved Passport Holder

While you may already have a passport holder, upgrade with something a little more custom!

13. Cocktail Glasses

If you’re a pilot or flight attendant, enjoy a cocktail in one of these rocks glasses at the end of a long day!

14. Travel Cocktail Kits

If you’re tired of the usual airplane Jack and Cokes, spice up your life with one of these!

15. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb’s are great for planning a vacation or last-minute getaway and these gift cards will not go to waste!

16. Portable Blender

If you’re on a health kick, this is perfect for protein shakes and smoothies on-the-go!

17. Electronics Organizer

Stop fumbling around with all those chargers in your bag and get organized for easy accessibility!

18. Lightweight Packable Backpack

This backpack is perfect for exploring new cities and destinations without taking up space in your bag!

19. PowerCore Portable Charger

Use this to charge your devices rather than stressing over finding an outlet on the airplane or in the airport!

20. Stasher Bags (Set of 2)

Put all your snacks and sandwiches in reusable rubber bags rather than disposable plastic!

21. Six-Pack Can Carrier

Pack up your beverages and head down to the pool with this six-pack can carrier!

Six Pack Can Carrier

Can Carrier


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Did we leave anything off the list? Tell us what’s on your wish list in the comments!

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T.J. Newman’s ‘Falling’: A flight attendant’s perspective [REVIEW]

T.J. Newman’s ‘Falling’: A flight attendant’s perspective [REVIEW]


T.J. Newman’s debut novel Falling is not only a riveting thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but a beautifully crafted depiction of life in aviation. The story follows Captain Hoffman, a commercial airline pilot, as he faces a decision at cruising altitude unlike any other: to save his family or to crash the plane.

Unlike most aviation-themed stories, Falling highlights the critical role of flight attendants on board the aircraft and provides an accurate account of life in aviation. Drawing from ten years of experience as a flight attendant, Newman writes such intricate detail of day-to-day duties so that the reader feels as though they are part of the crew themselves. While this may seem like a far-fetched tale at first, the author takes a fresh approach to the classic thriller imploring the reader to reflect on their own lives and the decisions that they have made. While Falling is a work of fiction, Newman created very real characters that encourage us to find empathy and reflect on our own behaviors and how we impact the world that we live in. It’s a lot to ask for a debut novel – but T.J. Newman knocks it out of the park.

T.J. Newman is a flight attendant turned author. She wrote her debut novel Falling on cross-country red-eye flights while passengers were sleeping.

After 9/11, flight attendants finally began to receive recognition for their role as safety professionals. Hearing stories from the aircraft of heroic crew members such as Betty Ong from American Airlines Flight 11, allowed the public to realize that flight attendants truly are aviation’s first responders. Yet when we see flight attendants represented in the media, they are still so often portrayed as shallow, promiscuous, rude, and often clueless. This book gets to the heart of what the flight attendant role is all about – safety. The flight attendants in Falling are dynamic, resourceful, real, and resilient. The author’s pragmatic illustration of the flight attendant life (going through KCM, being shorted trash bags from catering, and the way creamer splashes on your hand upon opening at 35,000 feet) immediately transports the reader into the story and it is captivating.

The bottom line is, Falling is a must-read whether or not you are a member of the aviation community! The story is chock-full of exciting twists and turns, heartfelt moments between characters, and even a couple of jokes for comedic relief along the way. Grab a copy of Falling today and we promise, you will not be able to put this book down! We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for T.J. Newman.

Have you read Falling yet?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

*Please note that while we did receive advance complimentary copies of the book, we have NOT been paid to promote this book or to write a review.*

Instagram Giveaway Winners!

We hosted an Instagram giveaway in honor of T.J. Newman’s book release on July 6th to give away five signed copies of her new book! Congratulations to the following giveaway winners:


If you are a winner, please DM @twoguysonaplane with your name and mailing address to claim your prize! A special thank you to author T.J. Newman for providing copies of her book and allowing us to be a part of her debut book release! We always love partnering with fellow members of the aviation family.

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Aviators Anonymous: To drink or not to drink?

Aviators Anonymous: To drink or not to drink?

“Wow, that was such a long day…

I need a drink.

We’ve all said it. We’ve all had those trips where it’s just one frustrating situation after another and a good cocktail sounds like the perfect cure. As crew members, we deal with the unexpected all day long: unruly passengers, weather delays, maintenance issues, medical emergencies, and the list goes on. Sometimes there’s nothing like a good drink to unwind at the end of a long and unpredictable day. Plus, happy hour is a great way to share stories and create much-needed camaraderie amongst crew members on a trip. After all, we’re miles away from our loved ones and we often become each other’s family while we’re on the road. In the lonely world of aviation, we crave those connections. For many crew members, those connections often include alcohol.

But at what point is it too much? When does it stop being a fun casual outing and become a problem? We always find ourselves making excuses for it: “How often am I in Rome? I have to drink wine while I’m here.” “Great, I’m in the middle-of-nowhere, USA – there’s nothing to do here except drink!” It’s so easy to let social drinking develop into a habit that could become potentially dangerous. Where do we draw the line?

Why it’s a problem:

We fly with different crew members every time we go to work – which can be a blessing and a curse. If we get drunk and messy around our crew, we can pass it off as a one-time situation by saying something like “Oh my god! I never get like that.” and move on. Being a flight crew member creates the rare opportunity for anonymity at work. Chances are, no one will think twice about our behavior on one trip. Then, the next time we act like that with a new crew, we can say the same thing and repeat the process without anyone ever really catching on. It’s so easy to become an alcoholic in the aviation industry, but everyone seems to be too afraid to talk about it – or worse, too comfortable doing it.

What we can do:

Stop peer pressuring people to drink. We find ourselves saying things to each other like “Oh, you’re no fun!” if someone on our crew says they want to enjoy a quiet layover. While saying something like this may seem insignificant in the moment, it can be extremely toxic. Not only have we tried to pressure someone into doing something that they don’t want to do, but we’ve also made them feel ostracized from the rest of the crew. Instead, we could say, “This place also has great food and live music, too, we can grab dinner or coffee instead.” If they don’t want to join, don’t keep harping on it! Not everyone wants to spend their layovers getting drunk or even being social at all. Sometimes people need that time alone to recharge. We have to get better at respecting each other’s boundaries and being the support system that we all so desperately need while we’re away from our friends and family.

As aviation professionals, safety is our top priority, so we have strict rules and regulations regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, but so often we push our limits. We’re not trying to point fingers, place blame, or make anyone feel bad about their choices. Rather than shaming each other for what we do with our free time, we need to be sensitive to the fact that everyone is on a different journey. We’re not perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time, but we have to be more open and honest about how we live our lives on the road.

Whether or not you’ve felt yourself going too far on a layover in the past or you’re someone who doesn’t ever drink on trips, we have to normalize these discussions and work harder to take care of each other. You can’t have healthy habits without healthy conversations.

The bottom line:

We’re not saying you can’t have fun on layovers – by all means, live it up! Having fun with crew members is sometimes the best part about this job, but layovers don’t have to be all about drinking. Be open to breaking old habits and trying new things.

So, what is the solution? That’s up to you.

Rent a car and go for a drive, go hiking, find a museum or art gallery, do some shopping, and the list of non-alcoholic activities goes on! If you decide that you want to drink on your layovers, that’s cool, too! Here are a few suggestions we’ve discovered over the years that have helped us balance a fun and healthy lifestyle, both while traveling and at home:

Set limits.

Choose a drink limit for yourself and stick to it. Or look at your layovers and decide in advance that you’re only going to drink on a particular layover or two that month. This is obviously easier said than done, but you’ll thank yourself the next day when you’re well rested rather than hungover on the plane.

Don’t drink alone.

This may seem like an obvious one, but one or two glasses of wine alone in your hotel room can sometimes lead to more and more, with no one around to question what you’re doing. If you’re going to drink, make sure you’re doing it in a safe social setting rather than using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Choose a dry week.

This one has worked especially well for us and something that we came up with during COVID19. Rather than doing a dry January like most people, we choose a dry week every month. It’s a good way to question our habits on the regular and keep ourselves in check. It also allows us to focus on alternative ways to socialize with friends that don’t involve drinking.

Find an alternative.

While drinking on a layover can be fun for some, there are so many alternative activities that you can enjoy. Try something new and find out what gets you excited for your layovers. As crew members, we get to see places around the globe that our friends at home only dream about. Create memories that you’ll want to remember, not ones that you can’t remember. Do your research and make the most of it!

Reduce your drinking.

There are plenty of crew members out there that rarely drink and some that don’t drink at all. Reach out to them for words of encouragement and support. We have to normalize that drinking is a personal choice and it’s not for everyone. Be supportive of your fellow crew members, regardless of what their relationship with alcohol is. Everyone is on their own journey and has their own unique relationship with alcohol.

Reach out for support.

Whether you want to get sober or you just want to talk to someone, there are resources out there for crew members. You could contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at your airline or with your union, Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program, you can reach out to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline, or you can even join a Facebook group for sober crew members for support.

DISCLAIMER: We are not mental health professionals and the information provided here is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you believe you or another individual is suffering a mental health crisis or other medical emergency, contact your doctor, seek medical attention immediately in an emergency room, reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or call 911.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

What are some ways that you keep you keep your drinking in check and your mental health balanced?


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15 Movies and Shows to Watch if You Love Aviation

15 Movies and Shows to Watch if You Love Aviation

We miss traveling, don’t you? Whether you’re a flight attendant like us or someone who lives for the joys (and woes) of air travel, you probably miss exploring the world pre-pandemic. While some folks are out flying, many of us are still stuck at home dreaming of our next big trip.

Like you, we’ve had a lot of free time over the last year so we caught up on some of our favorite movies and TV shows and compiled a list of 15 titles that you should watch if you miss being on an airplane. We have to warn you, though, some of these titles won’t exactly make you excited to get on a plane again – but – they’re fantastic nonetheless and aviation-themed, so we had to include them! Let’s just hope that none of our flights are ever quite as eventful as the ones listed below.

Grab some popcorn, avoid your responsibilities, and start binge-watching.

Did we skip one? Tell us in the comments!

Light-Hearted Comedies

Starring: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen
Rating: 7.7/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: No good list of aviation-themed entertainment would be complete without Airplane. This film is an absolute classic and provides some pretty epic laughs.

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate, Mark Ruffalo, Candice Bergen, Rob Lowe, Mike Myers, Kelly Preston
Rating: 5.3/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: It’s the story of a small-town girl who dreams of becoming a flight attendant. Didn’t we all have that dream at some point? This is a pretty standard rom-com overall but it still remains a cult favorite among flight attendants. If you find the flight attendant life even remotely fascinating, you’ll probably get a kick out of this. Plus, who cares if Gwyneth Paltrow says she regrets doing this movie? We still love it.

Action-Packed Thrillers

RED EYE (2005)
Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy
Rating: 6.4/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: This is not your typical Wes Craven film, but Red Eye is a fun and clever thriller that keeps you entertained. Plus, the cast is great! We feel like Rachel McAdams can do no wrong.

Starring: Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard
Rating: 6.3/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: Jodie Foster is fantastic in this psychological thriller about a woman who loses her daughter on a long flight. The plot is a little far-fetched, but the action makes it a fun watch!


SULLY (2016)
Starring: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney
Rating: 7.4/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: This is a fantastic movie about “The Miracle on the Hudson,” one of the most incredible incidents in aviation history. Tom Hanks does a stellar job portraying Sully. Our one and only issue with this film is that we wish the flight attendants had been portrayed a bit more realistically. We know the movie is titled Sully, but someone had to help get those people out.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken
Rating: 8.1 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: It’s everything we love about life in aviation – minus the whole crime thing, of course! This film is full of fun, adventure, and a little bit of drama. Plus, it includes homage to Pan Am, and who doesn’t love reminiscing about the golden age of air travel?

Feel-Good Films

UP IN THE AIR (2009)
George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick
Rating: 7.4/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: This story focuses more on the downsides of constantly being on the go, and yet still somehow gives us that warm fuzzy feeling about things like airport security. Weird, right? Our favorite George Clooney quote from the movie sums it up: “All the things you probably hate about traveling – the recycled air, the artificial lighting, the digital juice dispensers, the cheap sushi – are warm reminders that I’m home.”

Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Rating: 7.4/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: If you’ve ever sat reserve at the airport, then this movie will probably give you a little bit of PTSD more than anything else. This film made us feel grateful for the fact that we don’t actually live at the airport – despite the fact that we feel like we do. Also, should Tom Hanks be in every aviation-themed movie? Let’s discuss.

Not for the Faint-of-Heart

FLIGHT (2012)
Starring: Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle
Rating: 7.3/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: If you’re a nervous flyer, you might want to sit this one out. While the scenario is far-fetched, it is still highly entertaining and Denzel Washington is amazing as always.

NON-STOP (2014)
Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Michelle Dockery
Rating: 6.9/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: As you’re most likely already aware, hijackings are pretty unlikely at 35,000 feet – but they’re still possible! While the everyday traveler may not enjoy a movie like this as much as a flight attendant will, movies like this remind us why we spend so much time on safety and security during flight attendant training. It’s why flight attendants have to stay vigilant on every flight – even the seemingly boring ones. Plus, we love seeing Michelle Dockery and Lupita Nyong’o as flight attendants!

Heroic Tales

NEERJA (2016)
Starring: Sonam KapoorShabana AzmiYogendra Tiku 
Rating: 7.7/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: If you are a flight attendant and have not seen this, stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it. Neerja Bhanot is a true hero and this powerful movie does a fantastic job of telling her story. Whether you’re in the aviation industry or not, this is a must-see film.

7500 (2019)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Rating: 6.3/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: We’ll start by saying that this movie is heavy. The film happens in real-time and it is intense. To be honest, we couldn’t wait for this film to end but also could not stop watching. Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers an incredible performance.

Binge-Worthy TV Shows

PAN AM (2011-2012)
Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie
Rating: 7.10/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: This extremely underrated show has an all-star cast and is full of excitement and drama. With all that being said, it was the nostalgia of it all that sucked us into the show. Doesn’t everyone want white linen tablecloths in First Class and a week-long Europe trip?

Kaley Cuoco, Michiel Huisman, Zosia Mamet
Rating: 7.1/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: Many of our fellow flight attendant friends don’t seem to like the show because they felt Cassie was a hot mess… to which we say: you know you’ve flown with this person! Maybe the people we fly with aren’t quite as disastrous as Cassie, but they definitely bring their fair share of issues to the galley. This is a fun whodunnit comedy/drama and we can’t wait for Season 2!

Bonus Flick:

Bridesmaids Movie Poster

Starring: Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy
Rating: 6.8/10 Stars on iMDB
Our Take: Ok, so this isn’t exactly an aviation-themed movie by any means, but it is an overall hilarious (albeit awkward) comedy that happens to include one of the funniest airplane scenes of all time. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should watch it just for that scene alone. This all-star cast really leaves an impression. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tell us your favorites!

If we skipped any aviation-themed shows or movies that you absolutely love, let us know in the comments below!

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