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The flight attendant job is unlike any other job in the world. We’re first responders, safety professionals, security officers, paramedics, and customer service representatives – all wrapped up into one. And those are just our primary responsibilities! It takes a special kind of person to do this job. If you’ve been on a plane recently, then you know first-hand that flight attendants come from all types of backgrounds. Some flight attendants are just out of college, some are looking for a second or third career, and some have even been doctors or lawyers but just needed a life-change! After chatting with some of our fly friends, we were so amazed by some of these stories that we wanted to start sharing them, so we launched the ‘Flight Attendant Friday’ series on our blog! Follow the hashtag on Instagram, like our Facebook page, and get ready to be inspired every Friday!

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If you’re an active flight attendant and have a story to tell, send it our way! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been flying for a week or fifty years, each of us has our own story. Tell us how you got started with the job, how it’s impacted your life, and what you love most about flying! Be sure your stories are compelling but not too lengthy as these will be shared on social media, which often has character limit restrictions! Fill out the form below and we will contact you if you are chosen to be featured! Please note, due to the number of submissions, we may not be able to feature everyone. If you submit a high-quality photo and a captivating story, you are more likely to be chosen. You must follow Two Guys On A Plane on Instagram and Facebook in order to be featured. Thank you for allowing us to share your story!

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Past Flight Attendants:

I became a flight attendant in the fall of 2018. I had that cliche after college 9to 5 job and had gotten stuck in a routine and a career that I didn’t see myself in for the rest of my life. I had gotten sick at the end of that summer and had to have an emergency surgery to have abscess removed off of my throat. During my recovery I had noticed an old friend that I had worked with from high school on these amazing layovers all around the world and thought “hey this looks like fun” and applied with United (my uncle had been a pilot with them for years), one thing led to another and like they say the rest is history. I can honestly say I am living a life I never thought possible. My “why” is always to help others and in such a unique way I am doing that. I am working with the greatest people in the world and providing the love and care for people in one way or another that is going to get them through whatever life event they are going through. This job saved me and has given me more than I could ever imagine. Though the last year has been tough I’m holding onto these wings and firmly knowing my head and heart are always in the clouds.

Zach, United Airlines

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On April 4th, 1992 I took my first 2 flights UIO-MIA and MIA-BOS. I was two years old at the time, leaving the orphanage in Quito, Ecuador for my new life in Boston. The social worker that brought me said I stayed awake the whole time, didn’t sleep one wink. Even though I don’t remember the flight of 1992, I like to think I stayed awake to look out the window the whole time. I loved a good window seat as a kid, there’s always something magical about looking down on the earth below. There’s a feeling right after take off, after the wheels get retracted into the plane and it makes my heart flutter every single time. As a kid my favorite part of vacation was the plane ride I think it was probably the airplanes themselves. Airplanes today still make my heart skip a beat. In high school I realized I was plane obsessed and it hit me I could actually go to school for that. In 2012 I graduated college after studying aviation management and geography. I worked for Piedmont Airlines in customer service at BOS Logan before I was hired by Jetblue Airways. Today that feeling in the air never gets old. Every time I feel the plane take off, I feel like a kid again looking out the window on my way to my brand new life. I never thought this would be my career but 5 years later the magic still hasn’t worn off and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Maria, JetBlue

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After graduating from Old Dominion University with a bachelor's in English Linguistics I had planned on going to graduate school. Well I dropped out the week before classes started and had no idea what I was going to do. After taking a few months to regroup I realized I had always wanted to be a flight attendant at some point in my life. I really didn't know if I could make it into a career and I honestly didn't know much about the job at all. However, with no other ideas I figured I had nothing to lose.

I started applying for any airline that was hiring. I got lucky and a regional airline was doing interviews in my city. It was the first interview I went to and I got hired! I left my cat with my new boyfriend, headed to Salt Lake City for training, and hoped that I was making the right choice. After a month of training I was told to move to Minneapolis. I had never even been there and only had a few days to figure out where to live. Luckily everything fell into place at the right time and after flying for a year at a regional airline and doing long distance with my boyfriend I got hired at my dream airline!

Now I'm four years into my career as a flight attendant, based in Boston, married, and living my best life. I couldn't be happier with the choices I've made and I love getting paid to fly around the world. I also started a blog last year about my life, my travels and my love of craft beer. So at least that English degree is being put to use somehow!

Hannah, Delta Air Lines


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From a very young age, I knew that my small hometown was just too small for me. Knowing there was a vast world to see made me restless and anxious to escape. I was working a 9-5 job which was not make life easier. A coworker had applied to be a flight attendant and I thought “hey, I could do that too!”. Kept telling my friends I would apply, and never would. Finally one day my friend said, “until you actually apply, you cannot say you’re going to”. That night I went home and applied to as many airlines as I possibly could. Had no idea which was the best, where each flew to, or even where any of them had based. Just knew I had to get out of that small town. Fast forward to exactly a month later, I’m sitting in a huge pool of other candidates awaiting the face-to-face interview. Looking around at everyone so polished and well versed on Delta’s history, I accepted the fact I was there to meet the interview quota. However, about 3 hours and several mini panic attacks later, I was offered the job of my dreams and never looked back. While the destinations are always a great perk, flying for me was about the freedom and independence it gives me. Being able to virtually make your own schedule. One day be going to Columbus, Ohio and the next you’re in Amsterdam. There are no boundaries with this job, not even the sky is a limit!

James, Delta Air Lines

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I come from a family who owns a small business where most of our free time was spent discussing the company. I thought I would always eventually own my own business and work 24/7 because that is what you do and you do what you love. So when I left a successful corporate career to have "no worries" as soon as you step off the plane, my father was like WHAT!

I will never forget when I received the phone call to get invited to training. I stood outside my office and sobbed.

And I have never looked back. I wouldn't trade the long duty days with short overnights to be in front of the computer any day. I believe this career has opened my mind and made me a better person.

After coming in contact with so many people a day, you realize we are all the same, just after the same thing. So here's hoping to put a smile on your face (post-pandemic) at 40,000 feet!

Kayla, Southwest Airlines

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Hello everybody! My name is Michelle Spencer. I have been a flight attendant for Mesa Airlines/American Eagle since October of 2017. I had never worked in aviation before and I just love it. I have met some amazing people, and have traveled to different destinations. Special thanks to all my classmates, and my Mesa family. In honor of Black History Month, I am grateful for Mrs. Ruth Carol Taylor, the first black female black flight attendant, and those that followed her for paving the way for me, and for other black flight attendants. God blessed me to turn 60 on the 4th of February, so anyone looking for a second career, don’t let age stop you – I didn’t!

Michelle, Mesa Airlines

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It was December 2013 and I was flying LHR-ORD-PHX on American after a magical semester abroad ✨

I was a semester away from graduating college and my entire world had been rocked. After spending the last three months gallivanting Europe, how was I supposed to go back to school then get a job in the real world?! I had been bit by the travel bug HARD. So there I was, silently sobbing with a row to myself on the second leg of my journey home, and over walks one of the flight attendants. She asked, “Oh honey, are you all right?” We spoke for a bit and I explained I’m coming home from studying abroad and just feeling everything.

Afterwards, she left me briefly and brought back some tissues and snacks and said if I need anything else to please let her know. I never got her name but I’ll never forget how she made me feel.

A few days later, LinkedIn sent me an email with some jobs I might be interested in. One of those jobs was a flight attendant position—with American Airlines. It felt like fate. They were the only airline I flew to and from London and ultimately the only airline I wanted to work for. I applied that night, went through all the interview phases and graduated training with AA in March 2015!

Lauren G., American

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My love for flying came at a young age. I remember always getting excited to go to the airport and get on the plane. I usually was more excited about the flight then the vacation.

Fast forward 10 years later and I landed my first job as a Charter Sales Agent for a charter airline in Canada. About a year later, I was offered a job as a Flight Attendant making me, unofficially, the youngest Flight Attendent in the world at the age of 17. When oil and gas started to tumble and go down hill so did my job and I found myself looking for work. I moved around to a few other airlines in customer service management roles. After missing the skies I was able to get a job at JetBlue. A year later, I found my forever family at United where I have been for just under 3 years. In total, I’ve been in the industry for 8 years! 6 of them have been in the friendly skies.

What I love most about this job is really being able to connect with people. I love hearing everyone’s stories about why they are traveling. My flying family is also another reason why I love this job. Getting to meet so many amazing people from all walks of life. The best part, most have ended up being my life long friends (they may not know it yet but they are stuck with me ;)). Jump-seat therapy is also a real thing and getting to be able to talk to your coworkers about pretty much anything and everything is so nice. That’s my story!

Jake, United

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It was never my childhood dream to be a flight attendant. I used to be scared of flying. I had the desire to get out more and travel, I just lacked the courage for a while.
It’s been a long, very frustrating journey figuring out what my career path should be.

I was bartending at a hotel where I had a lot of fright crew as my customers. I always got excited when they would come. I just loved hearing about their job and their stories. I loved how passionate they were about flying, their lifestyle and all places they get to travel to. I was often told by them that I would make a great flight attendant and would love the job. I was flattered but hesitant because I wasn’t sure if the lifestyle would be for me.

But about two years later, I finally applied and went to an interview. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got the job!

As soon as I worked my first flight I knew right away I was meant to do this. When I get to the airport I don’t feel like I’m going to “work”. Being in the skies feels like a second home to me, no matter what kind of day it is, it is always exciting and beautiful. I love our aircrafts, the adrenaline at the airports, hearing about passengers travels and waking up in a city different. I’ve met so many wonderful people and seen many amazing places. Exploring different cultures has really helped me grow as a person and look at life in a different perspective. I’m glad I went for this!

Gabby, Endeavor Air

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From the time I was born, I was always involved in aviation. My father was a mechanic for United, so I was traveling around the world at only a year old with my parents. Both my uncles were in the Air Force, and are now pilots for Southwest Airlines. I always felt a strange but familiar comfort in airports— the rush of the people, the smell of the jet fuel and coffee. It always drew me in and gave me a rush of adrenaline. I knew I had to work for an airline. When the opportunity came up to apply to Southwest, I took it and ran and never once have I looked back. I am now the fourth member of my family to work for Southwest Airlines, and I can’t imagine myself doing any other job. How lucky am I to feel that same rush of adrenaline from when I was a child, to now every morning when I wake up? I could not be happier.

Tatiana, Southwest Airlines

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Five years ago I lost someone very dear to me and I was definitely not ready to go through that kind of grief. I used to tell him about my dream of moving to Australia to learn English.

When he left us I felt lost. My heart was broken and I didn't know where I was going.

Back then I was going to university and I thought my path was already written, but 9 months after he passed away I decided to leave, stand on my own two feet and take his advice to go. So I went to Alberta to learn English,and then to Australia for a year, and this trip that was supposed to last a few months quickly turned into three beautiful years of traveling.

It was on one of my flights from Sweden to England that it clicked: I watched the flight attendants and wanted to be part of the world of aviation.So coming back to Canada I applied for Air Canada Rouge, and I got the call to train with them. It was really challenging but even at my most exhausted I passed all of my exams with flying colors.

There hasn't been a day when I haven't called on William, my little angel who protects me from up there. Then I got my wings and now I like to think that I’m flying by his side.

I have long thought that life was unfair and that he was gone too soon. But I believe in the saying “everything happens for a reason” and even though I would give everything I have so that he could be with us, there isn't a day that goes by when I forget to thank him for helping me discover this passion and my aviation family.

Cynthia, Air Canada Rouge

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My aunt is a flight attendant for United. When I was a kid she would bring us back presents from all over the world and my little kid brain was like “I want to do that!” After trying to have a “normal groundling” life, I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. So I did what any sane person would do – I moved to middle-of-nowhere Japan without knowing a soul and not knowing the language… but I LOVED it! After living abroad and traveling around Asia for 3 years, I came back to the states and got hired with American in 2014! My worst day in the air is still preferable to even my best day on the ground! Currently furloughed but getting back on the line March 2, 2021!

Shanyn, American Airlines

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Upon having a quarter-life crisis, I left New York City and moved back home to my parents and I was at a cross-road. I still never imagined that a career in aviation would happen for me, even though I always had my eye on the sky. One morning I got a reminder from my mother that a regional airline was having an open house in a city a few hours away that I had signed up for, she said “aren’t you going?” — I had forgotten.

I’m glad she nudged me, as I was hired that day.

From there on out it was all smiles (cheesy, I know) — training was challenging, but proved to be something I was able to grasp easily as my interest was piqued.

The feeling of stepping foot aboard my first flight on that little CRJ gave me an incredible sense of pride. I had made it and for the first time in my life, without a doubt knew I had made the right choice.

Within a few short months I was hired at the airline I had always wanted to represent, JetBlue. The last 4 years have flown by (pardon the pun) and even though times are tough, I still get a huge grin when I dawn my uniform. Becoming a flight attendant in a sense saved my life. It pushed me to do things differently, take accountability for my actions and has given me opportunity I would have never had if I had stayed grounded.

Who knows what the future brings, maybe it’ll find me in the cockpit someday, but man oh man, do I love this industry and the family I’ve made.

Joey from JetBlue

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Hola! My name is May. My parents immigrated to California and a few years later at 4 years old, I was promised two things: to see my parents again and go to Disneyland. Once that was over I was ready to go back to Mexico but that was not the plan. I was failing kindergarten because I did not know the language, I was first in my class before. That changed over the years and I was back on the honor roll.

Off to college I went, first generation and studying International Business because I wanted to mainly live out of a suitcase. I spoke to my parents countless times about quitting and join an airline, but they pushed for me to finish my degree first. I had that image of the Continental pilot and flight attendant that visited my 4th grade class. I did start a career in my other passion, soccer after graduating college.

Then,"mi mamá" was diagnosed with cancer and I quit everything to take care of her. There was no end in sight for about two years to her suffering, but she made it. Once I knew she was well, I announced I would quit my job and start pursuing my Flight Attendant dream. I interviewed for a major airline and was in the last seven out of 200. I thought I had the job but was looked straight in the eyes, "We are sorry, you were very close and you should try again." I tried again with another airline and got it!

Quite often, I receive messages on how my travels inspires others to do the same or simply live through my adventures, it means the world to me!

May, United Airlines

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My journey started before I could walk. My grandpa worked at the former Aloha Airlines. Before 9/11, I remember having field trips to the airport and it wasn’t until one day I came across a beautiful flight attendant just walking so gracefully in her heels. I told my Papa, I wanted to be just like her!

Fast forward to 2013, I was hired for my first flight attendant position at a small Hawaii commuter airline. Gained so much knowledge but my thirst for more adventure grew immensely stronger. I wanted to feel what a mainline flight attendant felt. So I got hired at JetBlue in 2016 based on the East Coast for a year and a half. In 2017, that’s when I landed my dream job at Hawaiian. I truly felt so accomplished and humbled because I had remembered my humble roots but I’ll never forget the day I saw that beautiful flight attendant!

Miana, Hawaiian Airlines

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As a child, it never crossed my mind that I would get the chance to be a flight attendant as I’ve never been a fan of airplanes.

When I was 22 years old, done with college as well my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to submit for the position out of nowhere. I never knew how my life would be or how it would become. I never knew I would get to tell stories about my unique unforgettable adventures as a flight attendant. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized what it means to lose your “dream job” which is a complete wonderful lifestyle that only few get the chance to experience.

ELAL gave me the opportunity to discover myself, growing up strong and independent, while everything I do with a smile, I increase its value. It taught me how self appreciation and confidence are super important to improve my personality. I am grateful. Shokran!

Yara A., EL AL

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Thanks for choosing Delta, my name is Sylvia and I’m going to be your flight attendant today.

Let me tell you about the story of a little girl who was TERRIFIED of flying on her first flight. This little girl was shipped halfway across the world to Taiwan the summer before she turned 6 years old. Her parents told her she would fly alone on a 13+ hour flight to a country where she didn’t speak the language to live with grandparents she barely knew for 3 months. When the little girl’s parents had to leave her at the gate, she tried to be brave but tears couldn’t help but escape her face. As she stood at the gate, a hand laced through hers. When the little girl looked up, she saw a beautiful Delta flight attendant smiling down on her and reassuring her that everything would be okay. Throughout the 13+ hour flight, the flight attendant gave her candy, toys, and made her feel safe. A memory she would cherish for a lifetime. Due to this experience, the little girl grew up hoping to become a flight attendant that would show others the Delta difference one day. That girl is writing this post today.

I believe this is the road God destined me to be on. I was one of the lucky ones that made it through 2020 hiring. I’m so thankful to Delta Air Lines for believing in me and when I wear my uniform, I carry my wings with pride.

Sylvia K., Delta Air Lines

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Ever since 5th grade I wanted to be a Flight Attendant. Even though I was bullied for being the “weird airplane girl” in school (okay—I was obsessed).

I made it my mission from then on to do everything in my power to make sure I’d get the job. It helped that my mama supported me every step of the way even when I had friends and family who didn’t. She took my to my first F2F, bought me the clothes I needed and helped me in every way possible.

So to all the people who thought I was weird or crazy, here I am 14 years later working for an awesome airline and living my dream.

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I wake up wanting to go to work and loving every moment of it. I still can’t believe I get paid to do something I love so much!

Cara, Frontier Airlines

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During the 70s, my mom and dad had to flee Cambodia due to the civil war. They met in France and got married there. Then, I was born and raised in this wonderful country.

When I was younger, my mother told me about how her family and her luckily landed in Paris onboard that massive Air France Boeing 747. They were saved from war thanks to the French government. Even though she was only 10 years old, she recalled how friendly and sympathetic the crew was. At that time, my mom and her family left Cambodia with absolutely nothing. They were wearing flip flops, but arriving during cold winter ! At the end of the flight, they wanted to give back the blankets. However, « that charming blonde flight attendant » told them « Oh no ! Keep them ! You’ll be so cold otherwise ! ».

I was never supposed to become cabin crew. Indeed, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. When I started to think about becoming one, only one airline was in my mind : Air France.

Nowadays, Air France is very dear to my heart thanks to that story. I am proudly representing the French flag carrier that saved my fantastic mom and allowed me to do a job that I adore.

I am now 25 years old and have been in the galleys since 2017. It is sometimes very hard to cope with those sleepless nights or when jetlag hits you. Nevertheless, I have met incredible people with so many different backgrounds. I can’t wait to discover even more unknown places.

Andre, Air France

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I grew up in a military family and flew back and forth across the country at least a few times a year. I took my first solo flight when I was 10 from San Diego to Miami to visit my grandparents. I felt so awesome. Some of my best childhood memories are the smell of the airport, sitting in the window seat, getting a Coke with the circle ice to wear as a ring (wouldn't recommend that now), and running across terminals to try and catch connecting flights. It was all exciting to me, and still is. I always thought it would be fun to be a flight attendant, but didn't take the thought seriously until my late 20's. After having a series of jobs after college that ultimately didn't fulfill me, I decided to apply to all of the airlines that were hiring. I was lucky enough to get on with the one I wanted. Five years later and it's still the best decision I've ever made. I've gotten to travel all over the world, meet the most amazing people, take the best vacations, and live in several new places. This job has afforded me a lifestyle that I never thought possible. Even though this year hasn't turned out like any of us wanted, I'm still grateful for it and love to see the flight attendant community band together and support each other. I included a photo of my niece and I – I took her on her first flight a few years ago and dressed us up to match. She loved it, and I hope she loves to travel as much as I do when she grows up.

Elizabeth S., JetBlue

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My grandma raised me until three in Seoul, Korea. My parents in the US beckoned for me at three and put me on a plane all by myself at the time! (Yeah, you can get away with lots of crazy stuff back in the 80s.)

It was so traumatic being separated with my grandmother that I remembered that day and some parts of the flight. I also had recurring dreams later on to keep my memory fresh for the rest of my life.

I cried so hard on the flight that a flight attendant noticed me and tried to soothe me and play with me. There were a lot of Korean adoptions going on at the time, so she probably thought that's what was happening with me.

I will never remember her face, but I felt her in spirit during my life. In my 20s, I felt a strong inkling to become a flight attendant. I looked deep into myself of where this was coming from. I realized that I wanted to pay her forward and honor her through this career.

I applied to all sorts of airlines, but at my interview with United, I finally told this story. The interviewer and I were both welling up and she hired me on the spot.

It was difficult fitting into my family growing up, but I truly have found acceptance and healing with this airline family of mine. I truly wear my wings with pride. I will never forget that flight attendant that led me to this career and life!

Elli L., United

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This is my first year as a Flight Attendant. It's been a year, but I still can’t believe that I'm a Flight Attendant! This job was just a childhood dream but stayed with me. I realized in school that I'm not gaining height anymore. I knew then that there was no way I could be a Flight Attendant. I was already at the point in my life where I knew I wanted to be in the customer service industry, especially a job where I could use my Sign Language skills as well. But I had already lost hope and put that ambition aside that I would become a Flight Attendant.

I took Tourism Management courses in the Philippines, and which I want to clarify that Tourism Management is not just for people who want to become a Flight Attendant. I heard a lot of negativity or strong words from friends, strangers and even family members. This course help with careers on land, in the air, out to sea, or even in management.

I moved to the United States almost two years ago, and this big move that I made changed my entire life, and it all started by making impossible things possible. It is not easy at first, but when you love what you do, everything will follow, and everything will fall into the right place at the right time.

I'm writing this to prove to myself and to others that nothing is impossible. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to follow your dreams, but as long you trust yourself, you will get there.

PS – I’m exactly 5’0”

Ella L., Mesa Airlines

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When I was a little girl, I remember playing at my grandparents’ backyard, watching airplanes pass by. My grandmother would tell me that beautiful, smart ladies and boys worked there and could go anywhere in the world.

After finishing my college degree in Social Communication, Life would put me where I needed to be, so I applied for the position of Flight Attendant at Ryanair, in London. I fell in love with the job and for the first time in my life I was doing what made me happy and didn’t even know I loved: being there for people.

One year later, my grandparents were not in their best health so I applied for a transfer to Lisbon. It was denied so I came back to Portugal to work in a media company. Still, aviation was stuck in my mind and heart so I applied for TAP, and it quickly became my goal and my dream. My applications were not being answered, so I booked a trip to London with the little money I had and tried BA, where I was told I was not good for the job. After that, I applied for Eurowings’ Palma de Maiorca base but was advised to follow a plan B, as I had no profile for the job. A few weeks later, my grandfather called me. “You will make it. I love you”. Little did he know about these “no”s. Why would TAP, of all companies, chose me?

After the call, he passed away. On his funeral, as I was saying my final goodbye, I looked up to the sky and saw an airplane pass by. A couple of weeks after, TAP called me to do my interviews, and less than two weeks I was recruited!

Joana R., TAP Air Portugal

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Each Friday, we usually feature a different flight attendant for our #FlightAttendantFriday series. Today, we honor our fellow crew members that we lost on September 11, 2001. Let their heroic efforts and stories continue to give us strength and may they never be forgotten. #NeverForget 🤍

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My best friend from college became a United Airlines Flight Attendant after we graduated, while I finished my student teaching and worked four jobs to make ends meet. One miserably cold day in February she called me from Miami Beach and didn’t just rub in the fact that she had her toes in the warm sand in February, she described the job pay and benefits that were defined by the union contract. That’s all it took. I drove from St. Louis to Chicago the next day to interview with United and six months later I started my flying career. Although I have come to love flying, my first six months I suffered terrible motion sickness. It wasn’t the “magic of flight” that hooked me, it was the people on the jumpseat next to me. They taught me how to survive in those early days and also what it means to have each others’ backs. Getting active in the union was natural because it was about giving back to the people who really taught me how to fly in my life. #LaborDay is a time to celebrate these incredible people on the frontlines and this year it’s more meaningful than ever as we fight to keep all of us together with an extension of the CARES Act Payroll Support Program. We’re fighting right now to save each other because that’s who we are and what we do every day as aviation’s first responders. #ExtendPSP

Sara Nelson (@flyingwithsara), United Airlines
AFA International President (@afacwa)

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I grew up flying as an Unaccompanied minor back and forth from Chicago to San Francisco every year since I was six. I’ve always been so fascinated with aviation and looked up to the flight attendants who would look after me in awe.

At the beginning of 2020, I was given the amazing opportunity to attend inflight training with United Airlines. I was a part of one of the last classes to graduate before the pandemic! (Hey class 1931!) I absolutely adore my job. It allows me to meet new people, experience different lifestyles and cultures, see my family on a regular basis, and be able to share those experiences with them.

It’s been an amazing journey even in the toughest times. I’m proud to put on my uniform, walk onto a plane, and do my job happily! There is not a day that goes by that I wish I was doing something else.

On October 1st, thousands of flight attendants and airline employees will lose their jobs and their healthcare during a global pandemic. We all deserve a fighting chance to keep our jobs, paychecks, and healthcare. That’s why it’s important to urge Congress to extend The Cares Act Payroll Support Program. Call and email your senators and representatives. The link in @twoguysonaplane’s bio is a pre-populated form asking congress to extend the CARES Act and is really easy to send. It will only take a second and could help thousands of people like me! Thank you for your help and support!

Abigail H., United Airlines

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Growing up I always wanted to explore new places and see the world. I took a leap and applied for United. Little did I know an 8 week training would turn into a new life. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and after earning my wings was sent to Boston to start my journey as a flight attendant. The city life was such a change but I love a good challenge. Early flights to different cities, new friendships, becoming a world traveler was my mission. Flying the friendly skies at 35,000 feet was just a normal routine. I love the rush of take off and landing, turbulence at any moment, delays, sometimes not knowing where your destination may take you. But with each flight I would learn something new about myself. Helping people connect to family, becoming friends with a crew member or passenger, being that friendly face someone needed after a stressful time through security, it's the simple things in life that make the experience memorable.

Alyssa M., United

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When I was a little girl I always admired the planes flying over ATL. I would always say “One day I’m going to be on one of those.” After four years of applying, crying, hoping, and praying that I could make this dream come true, I finally got the chance! I’m so thankful I can live saying that I’ll never have to work again. Why do I say that? It’s because they say if you find a job you love that you’ll never have to work again, and here I am not working!

I have fallen in love with always finding new adventures. I feel pride when people ask me “What do you do for a living?” I love my job, my airline, and my coworkers.

I remember when I used to see flight attendants walking through the airport, I would feel something that I’ve never felt before. That was my calling. Today, I am walking through those same airports and down those same aisles. It is a different type of happiness, though, because now I have my own wings above my heart.

Kali H., Allegiant

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When I was a little girl my parents would send me to Colombia during the summers as an unaccompanied minor. I would fly Avianca and I thought the flight attendants were so glamorous and nice. I went to college and graduated but every time I’d get on a plane there was an excitement I didn’t get anywhere else.

At age 24 I applied to every airline I could think of. I was so excited when I was offered a spot in flight attendant training, and the crazy part is I found out the day before graduation that flight attendants get free flights as part of their benefits! People were shocked that I had really applied just for the job itself without knowing about this awesome perk.

8 years later I have visited almost every single continent (just missing Antarctica) and I don’t get tired of exploring the world.

COVID has disrupted the aviation world but it can’t keep us grounded forever! Flight attendants have a way of making the impossible work and we will survive this bump in the road.

Natalia Y., American

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I never knew being a flight attendant was my dream job. I thought I would do it for a year, travel, and go back to being an ultrasound tech. I come from a very small town outside of LA and never left home before this job, never spent more than a few days away from my parents before training, and did not have even one passport stamp.

I have been places not even my wildest dreams could have imagined. I always hoped to find truth in the saying, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Being a flight attendant has allowed me to feel that on so many levels. I have fallen in love with jet lag, changing hotel rooms every night, early check-ins, big planes, new destinations, and always finding adventure no matter where I end up. I love my airline, I love my job, and I truly love my life. Hope to see you in the friendly skies soon!

Rachel L., United Airlines

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I was born in a remote village in Nepal: Bhojpur, a mountainous municipality that can barely be reached by road. Nepal Airlines is the only way to reach the town expeditiously.

At 19, I left home and moved to the United States to study for my undergraduate degree. Thereafter, I moved to France not knowing a word of French. When I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport the only logos I could see were those of Air France. Air France jets were parked everywhere. It reminded me of my home country and Nepal Airlines. It was this experience of being immersed in the land of Air France that made me want to work for this airline.

When I investigated the possibility, I found that one had to be French or European in order to apply. Subsequently, I earned my bachelor’s in international business and my master’s in communication while I worked for Air France at JFK in New York, at CDG in Paris, and at La Compagnie boutique airline. I wanted to keep the spark alive and my hope that one day I would work for this airline as a member of its cabin crew.

There is an adage that states “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” After I received my French citizenship after a long wait, I applied to several airlines since the economy was doing well and companies were hiring. I applied to BA, EasyJet, Qatar, and Hainan and was offered a position at a few of these before I actually tried for Air France.

Air France was my dream job. I wanted to obtain the job at AF on my first attempt. I did pass my interviews, and now I am a proud member of an Air France cabin crew. I never gave up on my dreams, and I’m doing what I love.

Nepal Airlines nurtured my dream. Air France made it come true.

Satchit M., Air France

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I always wanted to be a flight attendant from the moment I took my first flight. It was so cool to think about being away from home and traveling the world and get paid for it! I went through college and realized I wasn’t happy in what I wanted to do. Around that time, at age 22, I got diagnosed with Kidney cancer. I fought because I knew I was too young to go and I had not fulfilled making myself happy in any way. When I got clear tests back, I applied to become a flight attendant and got in with another company. After a few years with that company, I got the call with Southwest and went through training. I may be biased, but Southwest has been the best airline in the world. They truly care and treat you like family. You’re not a number, you’re a name. This company cares about every individual customer and employee. They do everything in their power to make sure we are happy. Not only has my dream of becoming a flight attendant come true, but I’ve been able to check off so many things on my bucket list and live my life to its full potential! I cannot wait to get back to traveling once this crazy COVID nightmare is over. Stay strong my Aviation brothers and sisters! We will come through even stronger and forever united by wings!❤️❤️

Sutton O., Southwest

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Oh boy… Well, it was at a time when I was younger and I was stopped by a Flight Attendant while traveling with my family in the airport and was given a pair of wings (like the ones the airlines have now to hand out to special PAX and kiddos alike!) It was the greatest feeling ever. You see people and the world in a different light when you’re a young kid! Seeing the Flight Attendant dressed so well with a smile and showing passion for the job made me want to pursue that career someday. It always stuck with me and from that point I always loved traveling and wanted to travel more, taking trips to new places!

Fast forward a few jobs later to the year 2018; I took a leap of faith and applied to United Airlines. It all happened so fast from the start of the acceptance letter to the interview to training day. I left my current customer service job and headed down to UA’s training center, graduated with the Friendly Flyer Award and I never looked back! Never would I have changed anything different to get me to where I am today, doing the job I love and working for one of the greatest airlines! I continue to strive to be my best even in the toughest times and make sure everyone, even my crew, are happy and taken care of and for me; that’s what makes this job the best job in the world!

Erik B., United

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My husband would say I have a very eclectic resumé. Bakery Manager, Owner of a Wedding Cake business, Ramp Agent, Banker, Elementary School Librarian, Waitress… and finally at 45 years old – Flight Attendant! To be honest, I didn’t think this would be my path. I wasn’t the kid who always wanted to be a Flight Attendant. But a few years ago, my husband took me to Paris and Grenoble for the first time. It was my first trip overseas. When we were leaving for home, I cried. I didn’t want to go home. I just discovered this whole other world and didn’t want to leave. He told me if I want to travel more, maybe I should look into working for the airlines. Four years ago I decided to follow that advice and became a Customer Service Agent at Southwest Airlines, and promoted Customer Service Supervisor shortly after. I really enjoyed my leadership role, but when the position for flight attendant opened up I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so I applied. And can you believe it, they offered it to me?! So here I am two years in. And I can’t believe I found it. I found my golden ticket. I’ll be here until they tell I can’t anymore. I’m proud to say I’m a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant!

Jennifer R., Southwest Airlines


351 10

My journey to becoming a flight was… well, it wasn’t planned. Not one bit! I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a flight attendant nor did I have family in the aviation industry. It all sort of came about by accident.

I was in college at the time and had switched majors from Pre-Med to Pre-Nursing to Education then back to Nursing. Drowning in debt and just completely lost as to what to do with my life.

After a long talk with my mom about my future, she suggested looking into being a “stewardess” and the only airline I had ever flown growing up in Dallas was American.
Before I knew it, I was in training. Still unsure of this life and this job but by the time I got my wings, I knew I was in the right place.

I had been so lost before, an indecisive wandering soul looking for a path to follow. And with these wings I have moved across the country five times to four different bases. I’ve made life long friends, finally found a city I can call home (Philadelphia), fallen in love, and five years later I am no longer lost. I have found a home. A home in this job and in this lifestyle. I found an extended family in my coworkers, my friends, and our passengers.

I won’t lie, these past few months have been hard and the future is terrifying. I wish I had profound words of advice or hope, but I don’t. All we can do is our best and keep flying!

Kelsey J., American Airlines

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As a child, I loved airplanes, maybe because we lived near an airport or maybe because my mom was from Germany. Throughout my childhood and teen years, traveling to visit our German relatives became an adventure I always looked forward to.

As an adult, my love for airplanes never left me, and soon I applied to be a Flight Attendant. Now, fifteen years later, my job still inspires me. It enables me to travel and experience new places filled with culture and traditions. I love it so much, I became an inflight instructor to help my coworkers and friends keep their love for flying also.

Being a flight attendant allows me to not only tell the people I love about my experiences, but to bring them along with me.

Right now our industry is literally going through turbulent times, so remember while we’re all wearing masks, smile with your eyes, and passengers will notice!

Tim C., Alaska Airlines

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Since I was a child I was fascinated by those “white lines on the sky” and had a dream: to be able to see a real airplane! I was born in a small city in Romania where we don’t have an airport and the only way to see them is on the sky at 38/40,000 feet… or in pictures! In 2012, I had my first ever flight on a B737, and since that moment I knew where I wanted to be in life. So in 2016 I joined an amazing airline and ever since that day, my passion for airplanes has gotten stronger every day that I spend in this amazing industry, and has made me the aviation geek I am today! I believe that when work meets passion, you find true happiness! So grateful for the beautiful “birds” out there that we get to call our second home!

Roxana, Emirates

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Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated by the airport. I remember going on holiday I was always so excited to go there to see all the planes, and look at the departure board and see where all these planes are flying to. The airport was always a magical place for me, and it stuck with me. After I graduated college, I started working at the airport for a ground handler for a major European airline. I had the time of my life, learning about this industry, and meeting people from all different cultures. I’m from a small town, so this was all new to me! I did that for two years, doing check-in and ticketing. But my favourite part was seeing the crew walk in, with their fancy uniforms, and their confidence exuding through their smiles. I realized it was time for a change of pace, so I applied to be a flight attendant at Sunwing! The process was very quick, and I was lucky enough to be offered a position! Training was really difficult and I was going through a lot of issues in my personal life at that point in time, but I made sure to leave those issues at home, and come to class in a good mood. After only a few days I didn’t have to force it because my class had become a mini family. I was so proud of all of us once we graduated, and I’ve been lucky to fly with a few of them! It’s been a blast! I’ve only been here for 6 months, but I’m so excited to get back up in the air once all this COVID19 stuff improves!

Owen, Sunwing Airlines

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Born and raised in Vietnam, I came to the US at the age of 18 and it was so hard to fit in… especially in the Midwest. I went to college for Nursing but it wasn’t my passion, it was basically for my family’s American dream. I tried to apply for every airline for two years but I never made it. I had given up applying but then one day I was so tired of the pressure from school and work as a CNA, I secretly re-applied to my favorite job and went to an interview session with Spirit. AND I FINALLY MADE IT!

I’m still pretty new as 10-month-old flight attendant but I gotta say: Man I love it! To someone who doesn’t have many friends like me, it fits my lifestyle perfectly. I’m always excited to see where I’m going to be for my next trips and meet lots of people all with different stories. Yes, it can be pretty tiring to deal with difficult passengers but I absolutely love my job. I feel less lonely and the journey that I am on right now has been incredible.

These days have been tough because of COVID-19. Please stay strong, spread kindness, and don’t stop fighting for our rights.

Vy H., Spirit Airlines

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I fell in love with flying years before I set a foot on a plane. Funny, isn’t it? That world made of airplanes, uniforms, suitcases, wonders, and mystery always fascinated me. I felt like I belonged there, I was born for that.

I started at a very young age to learn new languages and everything I could to put the name reality on my dream. Eventually that dream came. I was 19 years old, in a small charter airline back in Italy. I won’t forget the feeling of my first flight. Putting on my uniform, my upset stomach (how nervous I was), the smell of the coffee, airport announcements, people watching, the smell of the cherosene, life was taking off.

After a few years, fate brought me to Emirates. I couldn’t be happier. I have been working seven years with them, currently as business class crew. The only thing I can say is WOW. What an experience! Places, amazing people, music, food. All these incredible things stored in the suitcase of my memories. I am so grateful I get to be what I always wanted to be, where I wanted to be.

Despite those years, being on aircraft everyday, I still look up at the sky and feel blessed.

Giuliana S., Emirates

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“Unlike most typical high school graduates, my plans after graduating did not include college or a specific career. Throughout and after high school I had a severe form of epilepsy, a neurological condition that disabled me possibly indefinitely. When I was 21 years old I was eligible for a brain surgery to correct my condition, but I had no idea the doors it would open for me when it irrevocably gave me all abilities back. When I realized I would no longer have seizures, or likely ever have them again, I applied to be a flight attendant. My journey began as a Gate Agent in 2017 and today I am on my third airline, an airline I consider to be my home, my last company. I feel so lucky to be able to meet so many different people and hear so many stories, and make travel experiences a positive one for others. I have dedicated my spare time to empowering hopeful flight attendants and supporting them through the application and training process – this makes me feel truly lucky and looking back I know all obstacles I faced have brought me to this. Right now, everyone all over the world is experiencing reduced activity, reduced work, and reduced socializing. That was my life for nearly a decade as a disabled person struggling with a severe form of epilepsy. I became a flight attendant to prove to myself I could overcome, conquer, and succeed. I will never leave this industry. Now that I’ve grown my first pair of wings – they cannot be clipped. I love all the connections I get to make with guests and colleagues alike, the travel experiences cannot be beat, and the freedom is indescribable. I am grateful for my health, my career, and for my fellow crew members globally who continue to put themselves on the front line to ensure people can get to where they need to go safely and comfortably.”

Hailey, Spirit Airlines

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“Ever since I could remember, my dream has always been to be a Flight Attendant for a major airline. There’s something special about those who hold the title of Flight Attendant: from the commanding presence they hold, to the strength to be away from loved ones (family, friends, and partners) for extended periods of time, always wanting to help out others, and the pride they show to wear the wings adorned to their uniforms.

The day I got hired by US Airways in 2014, that dream became a reality. I got based in Philadelphia (PHL), a major transatlantic hub for the carrier, and have seen many of our European destinations. Due to the merger, I now work for American Airlines and have joined a family of over 27,000 Flight Attendants along with the thousands more employed by all the airlines of the world. The people who I share wings with have become a family that I have enjoyed countless laughs with, gotten to know numerous new destinations with, have exciting layovers, and share in their accomplishments both inside and outside of the industry.

To some we just serve cokes, but they have no idea the myriad of other things we do in addition to service: from Inflight Medical Professionals, Psychologists, Emergency First Responders, and Complaint Resolution Specialists- along with the many careers many of us partake in along with flying (lawyers, nurses, real estate agents, doctors, and architects, to name a few).

Out of thousands of applicants that submitted applications, the airlines saw something uniquely special in us. I am elated to be in this profession! I hope my enthusiasm resonates with others that have contemplated this career and allows their dreams to take flight. Here’s to the many incredible memories to be made around the world! The sky is the limit for those who share in the incredible career that is aviation!”

Kyle, American Airlines

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“I had just finished nursing school, and wasn’t sure which route to take. I started talking to my flight attendant friend for another airline, and the lifestyle he described was something that caught my interest. I love having a new experience everyday and adapting.
I took the chance and applied. I got to the main face-to-face interview and thought, ok there are way too many people… I have no chance. Two months later, I started training, passed training, and I’ve been flying for one year now! My parents and friends have been super supportive of my decision.
To add, I still got my nursing license after I passed training. These days I work as a flight attendant, and a nurse as well! It was too hard to choose just one! ☺️”

Tony D., Air Canada

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“I’d always dreamed about being a flight attendant. I patiently waited until I was old enough to apply for my dream job!!! I was so excited to hear that I’d landed the role weeks before my 21st birthday. I went to training and studied harder than I ever knew I could because I wanted this job SO SO badly. I have been flying for 6 months and it’s been amazing. I’ve worked with so many wonderful people, flown to so many places I never knew I’d love so much, and even taken a few trips for my own pleasure. With everything going on in the world right now I feel so lucky to have a job I truly love and enjoy every day. This too shall pass and we will be back to the awesome job we all love so much!”

Mackenzie P., JetBlue Airways
@mackenzie_price •
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“Becoming a flight attendant had been a career path floating around my head since I was 16. I ended up continuing my education in Tourism and Hospitality after high school, however, opportunities arose and I ended up starting a career in banking (talk about polar opposites). Though I was comfortable, the job itself was SO mundane. I needed adventure! I’ve NEVER been the type of person to sit in a cubicle from 9-5. Pushing sales and meeting quotas just wasn’t for me. I was sitting through a sales call one day and thought to myself “How did I get here?!” I realized the path I was on was not where I saw myself and I HAD to make some changes. All it took was a Google search and I ended up applying for an inflight position with Virgin America later that night. I wanted a complete shift in my life. At the time, Virgin America was likely to base me in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. Moving from New England to Southern California was exactly the drastic shift I was looking for. Within a few short months, I took the leap of faith, sold all of my belongings in Massachusetts and relocated to California to start Flight Attendant Initial training. This job has completely changed my life for the better. In just three short years I have met so many amazing people, explored so many different places, and learned SO much about myself. I have made so many lifelong friendships and countless memories. This career is ever changing and constantly evolving. From laughs, cries, to mergers & acquisitions. There is NEVER a dull moment. I can truthfully say I haven’t worked a day since becoming a flight attendant. I didn’t believe it at first, but aviation truly gets in your blood.”

Michael M., Alaska Airlines

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“I worked at a courthouse for almost 20 years for a judge. I was a young mom and wife, I worked full time, got my degree, raised my children and had a great Monday-Friday life. But growing up I had always loved airplanes, and always thought how cool it would be to be a flight attendant. A few years ago my friend (a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines) and I were chatting, I told her I wasn’t happy going to work anymore, but I had so much seniority that I felt trapped. She said “Come fly with me, we are hiring!” I was shocked, I had thought that ship had long passed as I was over 40. She said “NO, they hire ALL ages!” So without telling anyone but my husband, I applied. It took 3 tries of applying and 2 in-person interviews, but finally I was invited to start training in February of 2018. It was literally the absolute BIGGEST leap of faith I had ever taken! I graduated in April of 2018 and haven’t looked back! I have grown so much as a person and have discovered so much about myself and my confidence. I have made absolutely the most amazing friendships with some of the most amazing people all while loving my passengers and flying all over the country. I feel blessed to have had 2 amazing careers in my life and I am proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!”

Marci A., Alaska Airlines

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“I planned to be a flight attendant for just one year.

My goal was to fly back and forth to New York City to network with publishers. (I had no idea how reserve worked – I thought I could pick all the NYC flights all the time!) I’d been writing books since college and I was in a rut. I figured I’d utilize free flight benefits, meet a bunch of cool people, and get discovered as a famous author…

I completed my initial training for AirTran Airways on May 21, 2010. Over the next few months, I discovered that I really, truly liked being a flight attendant. AirTran was acquired by Southwest in the fall of 2010. I quickly decided I wanted to stay in this industry. It was a wise decision; Southwest has been good to me, offering opportunities to serve on the Critical Incident Stress Management peer-support team. At Southwest, I’ve also been able to volunteer on rescue flights for animals. So far, I have brought 6 rescue cats and dogs to their “furever” homes.

I hadn’t expected to fall in love with this career; originally, it was a means to an end. Yet I found myself mesmerized by the magic of aviation. I have built lasting friendships with my coworkers. I have traveled to new cities I never would’ve seen otherwise. I have spent lots of time with family members who are spread out across the US.

Ten years later, I’m still writing…and still flying… and still loving every minute of the journey. My first published novel, Flight Path, took longer than I had hoped, yet I’m grateful for all the adventures that led me to this point in my life. I wouldn’t change a thing about this wild, wonderful experience, and I look forward to many more years as a professional jet-setter!”

Lisa Wilkes, Southwest Airlines

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“I always wanted to be a flight attendant ever since my first flight. I think I was about four or five years old when we went to go see my grandma by airplane. After that day I knew I wanted to be apart of this exciting industry. I got hired with a regional airline and enjoyed the flying a lot but knew I wanted to work on larger aircraft. After submitting my applications to various airlines I waited and waited. Then one day while working on my CRJ plane, a customer asked me for a cup of coffee. I took out a cup and poured his coffee but noticed the coffee pot had a different feel from what I was used to. I turned the coffee pot over and to my surprise it said Alaska. Being a Charlotte based flight attendant I was interested to think how could this little Alaska coffee pot make its way onboard my plane. Well, it sparked my interest to research Alaska Airlines. After reading about the airline and it’s history, I submitted my application and to my knowledge the application was only open for three days. Months later, I was hired, completed my training, and now flying for this amazing airline. I’m so happy to have seen that little Alaska coffee pot onboard my former airplane. Working for Alaska Airlines has given me great opportunity to travel to the great state of Alaska and see all of her beauty. Most of all, I love all of my new colleagues I am working with, they are the heart beat to why I love this job so much.”

Melih O., Alaska Airlines

It’s #FlightAttendantFriday! Each week we feature a different flight attendant story on Instagram and on our Facebook Page! Submit your story at twoguysonaplane.com!

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